What is a Pet Boarding?

There are many time in life when situations take us away from our homes and we are left with the dilemma, what do you do with our pets? Tomball Animal Hospital provides pet boarding services so that you can go where life needs to take you, knowing that your pets are in good hands.

Dog Boarding

At Tomball Animal our doggy daycare and boarding services have the newest state of the art facilities. Our experienced caretakers will provide special care for your dogs of all ages, breeds, and all types of activity levels. We are committed to going the extra mile for your dog to feel safe, comfortable, and enjoyable during his/her stay. We evaluate all loving pets to insure their safety while staying at Tomball Animal Hospital.

Cat Boarding

Looking for a comfortable, convenient and attractive option for boarding cats?

At Tomball Animal Hospital we have a designated room with cat condos for your cat to stay.

Our cat condos are a healthy and safe alternatives to cages are durable and capable of handling all of your needs. Whether you have an occasional need to board cats or need extended care our condos provide all of the comforts and amenities needed to keep cats comfortable and content.